Reasons why I may have just unfollowed (or followed) you

September 16, 2013


In no particular order: Because I’m not absolutely sure who you are Because you haven’t tweeted in over a year Because I didn’t recognise you from your twitter handle Because you’re famous now and too busy to chat Because I know you socially on Facebook Because that’s not really you, it’s your news stream Because […]

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What does “sustainable income” mean for authors?

January 16, 2013


This is a question that has been puzzling me for some time (and I understand that I am not the only one). I started to look into it but couldn’t find an exact answer – so I put the following together for the purposes of discussion. Link here for a printable PDF. Feedback welcome, in any of […]

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Superdry – a non-technological success story

January 3, 2013


Note: I drafted this last year, having had the good fortune to talk to Richy at the Cheltenham Design Festival. For one reason or another it was never published. And while the share price has had its ups and downs, the Superdry brand still holds its own! Richy Baldwin stands next to a coat rail […]

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RIP Claus Egge

July 29, 2012


Claus Egge was one of the first analysts I met, and one of the first I admired. Calm, analytical (it helps), Claus never needed to be highly vocal to impress. When he spoke, he spoke with quiet authority. While I never knew him outside the analyst circuit, I often had the pleasure of his company […]

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Targeted ad serving may not breach privacy laws, but it’s bloody annoying

December 8, 2011


We looked for a hotel in Paris. A lovely thing to do – next April, we’ll be going there. How fantastic. we didn’t book anything, but certainly got some good ideas. And then, for the following week, every web page we went to included adverts about hotels. Short breaks. Booking. Bargains. I was doing some […]

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So what is it you do, precisely?

December 7, 2011


Warning. This post is somewhat self-indulgent. If you’re not interested, please skip straight to the bio. It took me a year to update my biography. Stepping down as an industry analyst was a tough decision for me: I enjoyed the work, I loved the company and people I was working with yet I still felt […]

UK SME Agenda: Too big to succeed?

November 15, 2011


Almost a year ago, faced with withdrawal of support from banks and general belt-tightening across sectors, the UK government announced a series of measures to help small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). Most welcome was Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude’s announcement that government would work towards doing 25 percent of its business with the SME sector. But just how […]

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